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Two Cats and Dog Hooking


Hand hooked wool rugs and supplies

Wool heritage style rugs with a twist

Shop for finished rugs, folk art or request a custom order.


Do you like to hook or want to get started?

Coming soon- rug hooking kits, patterns and wool

Until then you can visit my  ETSY shop
for rug hooking supplies

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Where have I been?

Where have I been? well, right here at home actually trying to keep all of the "plates spinning" but letting some of them fall- like the writing part. Gracie - so helpful The puppy My puppy, who is now nearly 9 months old, has taken quite a bit of my time- she is very...

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Gracie in training

Who is training who? I'd like to think that we are training Gracie, but in fact, she may have equal billing right now. Gracie the "lap dog" We started puppy training classes- we are going into week 4 now. Art joined me last week for the first time and now is on board...

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OOOOh it’s cold outside!

OOOOh, it's cold outside! Wow, taking Gracie out, who has to find "her spot" before she does her business, is quite a challenge today. I think that , according to my weather ap, the air temperature feels like -28 degrees right now. BRRRRRRRR So- I have been doing what...

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