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Visiting the Mid Coast of Maine

Last weekend my husband and I went north and visited the "Mid Coast" of Maine. Gracie the Pup at Cellardoor Winery We decided to bring Gracie the Pup along , who was a great traveler. It helped that the air temperatures were cool so keeping her in the car from time to...

Unfinished projects

Unfinished projects- you know you have them- we all do, whether it's work related , laundry- whatever- there is always something to do right? Well, the serging and pressing has happened and I am closing in on finishing some of those unfinished rug hooking projects!...

Memorial Day Traditions

My grandparents gravestone Every year since we have returned to Maine we hold fast to the same Memorial Day traditions. Back in the early years When I was young, growing up in Maine, I would accompany my mother to the most beautiful serene cemetery - Laurel Hill...

Welcome to the Shop

Well, it's up and running! Welcome to the shop! you can now purchase rugs and some patterns directly right here on the website. I am the first to admit that it has taken way longer than expected and needs some tweaks here and there that will be ongoing. Just letting...

Where have I been?

Where have I been? well, right here at home actually trying to keep all of the "plates spinning" but letting some of them fall- like the writing part. Gracie - so helpful The puppy My puppy, who is now nearly 9 months old, has taken quite a bit of my time- she is very...

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