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New year

Well, everyone is thinking about the new year and how they would like to make some changes. I would like to continue the momentum that started to build for me this past year, of 2016.


Hard work- lots of trial and much error later, my business is finally starting to grow! I am glad that I had the mindset to let it happen without too much stress. I just kept pluggin along doing what I could do and people have found me, or some are anyway…

An article was written about me in the local newspaper and got picked up by another larger newspaper – wonderful.

I have started to experiment with some dyeing techniques , some hooking techniques with finishing and hope to be working with some natural dyes as well.

The new look to the website is evolving, but I think that is coming along OK.

Keep watching for information about the Belfast Maine hook in sponsored by, 207 Creatives, the group consists of Connie Fletcher of Seven Gables, Beth Miller of Parris House Wool Works and myself, of twocatsanddghooking

Until next time- and I promise to be back sooner than later…

2 thoughts on “New year

  1. Hi Ellen
    I bought your pattern for “Get Outside” at the Art Studio in Bethel. I am just finishing the border-almost done. Thanks for the design. It is looking pretty good. Now to finish the edges!
    Enjoyed the great display of your work at the museum in Bethel too.
    Stopping by your website I realized that I think my camp is near where you live. Would love to catch up with you sometime. You may have even rescued my dog one time.
    Enjoy the spring.

    1. Hello!
      We have met at Down Home Maine events. I didn’t realize you are a hooker too- if you ever need anything let me know. I am getting ready for a hook in on 4/22 in Belfast and have been drawing patterns and dyeing wool like crazy. I haven’t been looking at my website for a while due to how busy I’ve been so sorry for the delay. My husband is home with what might be the flu so I wouldn’t suggest you come by for a visit. Another time though. I have patterns that I haven’t listed yet and will do so after I return from vending at the hook in- will list any wool that is left too.
      The display at the Historical Society will be changing and adding new rugs (and old) in June. We hope to have some events surrounding this as well. Perhaps a speaker or education- so keep watching for new information to come.
      That is a fun pattern and lots of people have enjoyed hooking it- so glad you found it. Terry has removed my patterns from 57 Main- she has been having some health issues, but like I said- check the ETSY shop because I am always adding new things.
      A neighbor hooker- love it!
      Have a great day-

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