Custom Hooked Wool Rug – Child’s Artwork


This is an example of a custom rug done from a child’s drawing.

Price is determined by the size of rug, complexity of design and amount of hand dyed wool involved.

I will give you an estimate once we have determined the above specifications.

Wonderful heirloom piece of fiber art for your home.

Available on backorder


This will be custom made according to your dimensions and colors.

I will need a copy of your child’s artwork and will copy it onto linen and then recreate it with wool.

This is a very satisfying project and my first recipient is enthralled with the rug that was ┬ámade for him. He loves it’s vibrant colors, particularly the ladybug.

This was taken from his mother’s artwork when she was a toddler. It is best suited to simple designs.

Cost will be dependent on the complexity of design, amount of dying required and size.

I have given an estimate of a cost from the one that has been completed. This one measured 23.5 x 30. Please understand that these are originals and with that comes planning, time and thought to get it just right. Depending on the size, it may be less or more to create.

This should prove to be an heirloom that will be cherished for generations if properly cared for. I would love to make this happen for your family.

One of a kind and will not be duplicated for other uses.



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