The Process

Hand hooked rugs

Designer and maker

All of the rugs shown on this site have been designed and  hooked by my own hand, loop by loop.

Materials used in rugs

The hand hooked rugs are made with 100 percent wool on a primitive linen foundation fabric. Linen is very durable and will ensure that your rugs last for a long long time if properly cared for.

Linen vs burlap

The rugs of long ago were made on burlap which, over time, tended to rot. This is why so many of the old heritage made rugs have holes or are worn away on the edges.

My hand hooked rugs will be , most often,  bound with a corded wool for a lovely finish and more durability. Some rugs, particularly those that may be hung for display may have a twill tape binding or a whipstitched binding as a finish. All can be put on the floor but the corded wool may stand the test of time better than the other styles of finishing. The hooked element will be protected by the corded wool binding on the edge.

Hand dyed wool and mill dyed wool

Some rugs have hand dyed wool or a combination of hand dyed wool and mill dyed wool to create the effect of the finished rug.

Ready to ship or made to order

Customers may purchase rugs here. Some are ready to ship – some will be made to order.

Ellen Skea Marshall

owner/designer, Two Cats and Dog Hooking

Folk Art

Celebrate hand made folk art by purchasing from unique handmade sellers.

Thank you!

Shipping and packaging

Shipping costs will vary depending on weight and location. Every effort is made to ensure that your product arrives in a safe and timely fashion. Carefully and uniquely packaged with you in mind.

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