We painted our fireplace purple. Yes, it was a bold move and one that I am still on the fence about. I had wanted to go with a deep eggplant color- but it ended up being quite a bright purple in the end. My husband claims he likes it- it’s different and maybe that is what we are looking for at this moment in time. Different. We have experienced some losses this past year or two and it is time for a change- something to perk things up- something new- something …purple.

Painted bricks

Bold new look for our fireplace

I am still on the look out for that perfect dog- the one who will “speak to me”with those eyes, that face. I have run into a few that might fit that description but haven’t been in the right place to bring her home with me. That will be some change, and change for the better- something new, fresh, alive and full of promise, love and compainionship.

Yellow labs

Our beautiful yellow labs

As we watch the news and are forever disheartened at what is happening in this country of ours we want to have some hope for a future that is free of hatred, violence and pain. We want hope and kindness and a time when we can look to the news for promising acts- acts to be proud of as a country. There are glimmers but it is far from what we would imagine it to be for our children and grandchildren.

Grands at the beach

Our grandchildren enjoying the beach

So- we will paint our fireplace purple, keep looking for that perfect dog and spend time in the quiet of our home and wonder at our garden and the gifts that can bring.

Purple center of a poppy

Poppy from the garden

Have a lovely day and try something new and fresh and maybe add some purple too.


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